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Happy Talents


We search, recruite and select in an unique manner.

We search, recruite and select on national and international level for broad talent. And we follow the 3-step matching procedure mentioned below. We call this Matching 3.0.

We believe that the talents capabilities will flourish only when they are in an environment where they feel happy and comfortable. The wellbeing of the talent is valuable and most important. For that reason, in the situation of secondment, we offer each talent a Self Development Training Program. In this program e.g. the soft skills will be improved to be better prepared for the future. This will benefit everybody and will create Happy Talents and Happy Partners.  

Talent Transmitters valuable network is open and available for you!

Our focus is on Biotechnology, Chemistry, Processtechnology, Instrumental Analysis, Chromatography, Maas Spectrometry, Life Science, Industry and Research. Vacancies from hands-on labwork, sales & sales support, product management, project management and business development.

Our niche are talents with different BSc. and/or MSc., additional PhD, multiple BSc. and MSc. or Post Doc experiences. Experiences during different jobs is also very valuable. What was the basis of those changes in your career! What is your Why?

What is your drive for the next step in life?

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