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We change what you don't know into what you know!

It is evident now that future technological breakthroughs are going to take a rise on boundaries of different technolgy disciplines. Which we better known as interdisciplinary boundaries. The prerequisite to bring these cutting edge interdisciplinary innovations is the Talent, who has a diverse background in the field of science and technology. Talent with extra skills. Those are the skills which gives you the requested added value. These skills will bring you, your R&D, your department, your business to this higher level. Demands are hugh, passionate talents are needed to reach the goals.

We perform target talent search for those who are hard to find. With target company search we find similar and comparable positions in comparable companies. And with network filtering we come up with the best possiblities for our partners.

Talent Transmitters valuable network is open and available for you!

In this scenario Talent Transmitter, as knowledge partners serves as a bridge to connect multidisciplinary talent and the unsolved innovative challenges. With our company Talent Transmitter we envision to fill that gap between the demanding industry and eager talents. Our multi-talented community brings you solutions for research quests. We are firm believers of empathy, transparency and agility. Being the knowledge partners we invest in talent development by providing education programs which eventually also benefits the company development.

Our focus is on Biotechnology, Chemistry, Processtechnology, Instrumental Analysis, Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Life Science, Industry and Research. Vacancies from hands-on labwork, sales & sales support, product management, project management and business development.

Our niche are talents with different BSc. and/or MSc., additional PhD, multiple BSc. and MSc. or Post Doc experiences. Experiences during different jobs are also very valuable. Does the "Why" from the talent fits seamless into the job profile, the team and the company and company culture!

We change what you don’t know into what you know.

With our latest initiative we are bridging the gap with India, and with those talent resources we can find your most wanted talent. 

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