Bridging the Gap with India

Talent Transmitter

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Connecting companies in the Netherlands with talents in India. 


Recruiting and Selecting with an Indian Touch.

On one hand, the Netherlands is emerging as the next silicon valley of Europe with a rising number of technological challenges. On the other hand, India is a talent powerhouse. However, it is not easy to integrate into Dutch society and work culture as an Indian. We want to help high tech companies and Indian talents to understand each other and help them to benefit from each other. 

We believe young talented Indians will get exposure to a different social and work culture and solve cutting edge technological challenges.  It is our sincere effort to serve as a  bridge to connect the above mentioned two sides.

We have our network in the top level universities and Research Institutes in India.Which servers as a Talent House. We want to connect the above-mentioned ends and provide a platform for ''PASSION MEETS PREREQUISITES''

We change what you don’t know into what you know.

Our Indian connections are also our partners. Partners with key positions in top level universities and technical research institutes in India. They are in contact with students, graduates from highly renowned universities, MSc.'s and PhD's with technical skills and very talented. Those who indicates that their dream is to start a carreer in Europe, we can help them in making that dream comes true.

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